Top tip

Trial it

Suggest a trial Meat Free Monday so staff get a chance to try the food and discuss the issues.
Check out how Novo Nordisk staffers in Denmark went about it.

Hold a screening of our documentary short 'One Day a Week' to inspire your colleagues

Treat a co-worker

Buy a colleague a meat free lunch or suggest a meat free pot-luck each Monday.

Make the switch

Normalise sustainable diets by making business events automatically plant-based, with staff to opt in for meat and dairy

Become a supporter

Show how your company is involved with the campaign by becoming an official Meat Free Monday supporter!

Make it a policy

Encourage your company to implement Meat Free Monday into its Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Drop us a line

Let us know how you get on! We can share positive stories in our news and lifestyle section and on social media.
News and lifestyle

Green your canteen

Ask your workplace to go meat free on Mondays or provide additional plant-based options. Here's some handy tips to get your whole office on board.

Easy lunch recipes

Rushed for time in your lunch break?

Arm yourself with some simple Meat Free Monday recipes to prepare in the office or cook at home and reheat
Get recipes

Do you support Meat Free Monday?

Then why not display a Meat Free Monday poster at your premises?

Doing Meat Free Monday in your workplace?

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The Creative Engagement Group enjoying a delicious Meat Free Monday

Supporting businesses

Show your support for the campaign

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