Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Nico Rosberg teams up with Paul McCartney for Meat Free Monday

In a video released today, Nico invites his millions of followers to take part in the campaign

Posted : 4 October 2021

Sustainability entrepreneur Nico Rosberg has joined forces with Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney to support Meat Free Monday. In a brand-new video, Paul and Nico celebrate what the campaign has achieved so far and invite viewers to get on board.

Building on his ongoing sustainability work, Rosberg joins the campaign along with a series of his anchor partners – including the Boston Consulting Group in Germany and Austria, Sunreef Yachts, Lilium, Volocopter, Yello, Planetly, Nu Company, Vay, GREENTECH FESTIVAL, GREEN WINDOW AGENCY and Rosberg X Racing – to help maximise the campaign’s impact. Each of the companies will encourage and promote the advantages of the adoption of Meat Free Monday to their employees, followers and consumers.

Fellow supporters of the campaign include representatives from the worlds of sport, film, music and beyond, such as Tom Hanks, Orlando Bloom, Alec Baldwin, Rita Wilson, Ellie Goulding and Ringo Starr.

Rosberg’s focus as a supporter of Meat Free Monday will be to continue calling upon businesses he is involved with to adopt the campaign with their staff, as well as extending the message to his millions of followers across social media channels.

Rosberg is involved in a number of sustainability-focused ventures including co-founding the GREENTECH FESTIVAL, a one-of-a-kind event to promote sustainable technologies across the globe with the GREEN AWARDS gala, the GTF CONFERENCE and the GTF EXHIBITION held annually. Nico has also recently launched his own race team Rosberg X Racing in the all-new Extreme E series, which sees electric off-road cars compete in fragile areas around the world with the purpose of raising awareness of climate change and inspiring positive action.

Since launching in 2009, Meat Free Monday has worked with hundreds of celebrities, schools, universities, restaurants and businesses, made appeals to national governments and helped instigate a healthier, environmentally and socially conscious routine in the lives of thousands around the world.

Paul McCartney said, “I want to thank you very much for getting involved with Meat Free Monday – and all the other companies that are getting involved too. As you know, it’s a campaign that we’ve been doing for quite a few years now – me and my daughters Mary and Stella, encouraging people to not eat meat on at least one day a week. Thanks to you, and thanks for everything you’re doing for the environment – really appreciate it.”

Rosberg commented, “I am pleased to be joining the Meat Free Monday initiative alongside the McCartney family. When they launched this campaign in 2009 they were so far ahead of the rest of the world in their understanding of the need to reduce meat and fish consumption. Now in 2021 I am pleased to see that this topic has gained so much traction, however the stats are startling and the amount being consumed across the globe is simply too much. I am therefore pleased to join this initiative and do what I can to encourage businesses I work with and people around me to adopt this as part of their lifestyle.”

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