Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

The Wombles support Meat Free Monday!

Brought out of hibernation earlier this year, the much-loved children’s characters from the 1970s are spreading their positive message of local environmentalism

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Posted : 13 April 2020

The Wombles are supporting Meat Free Monday with the creation of four-family-friendly plant-based recipes. Each of the recipes is presented by one of the famous Wombles characters – Madame Cholet’s Cassoulet, Bulgaria’s Beetroot Burgers, Tobermory’s Tofu Scramble and Wellington’s (lentil and vegetable) Wellington. The first two recipes have been published  and are ready to rustle up at home!

The Wombles were relaunched earlier this year, with a #WomblesWanted campaign, to help inspire a new generation of environmental enthusiasts. The characters have been heavily involved with Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘Great British Spring Clean’ and also feature in a series of fun animations across their @Womblesofficial social media channels to encourage all of us to adopt positive (Womble-style) behaviour, from recycling and tree planting, to reusing and refurbishing old items rather than sending them to landfill – and of course, eating less meat and dairy.

Speaking on behalf of The Wombles, Great Uncle Bulgaria said, “We have always been vegetarians, so we love the Meat Free Monday campaign. Reducing the amount of meat we eat is good for the planet, good for animals and good for our health. Although we are living through difficult circumstances, the fact that most of us are having to cook more at home gives us an opportunity to experiment and try some plant-based recipes. We hope you enjoy what we have cooked-up in the burrow.”

Meat Free Monday co-founder Paul McCartney said: “We’re so glad that the Wombles are back and supporting Meat Free Monday! Taking part in the campaign is a fun and easy way to make a positive difference. So why not join them, join us, and give it a try?”

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