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5 plant-powered video recipes for a protein kick

Looking for some cheap and tasty protein sources? Use these easy video recipes to find out how anything is pulse-able!

Posted : 3 May 2024

It’s no secret that here at Meat Free Monday we are buzzing about beans! That’s why we’re supporting ‘Anything is Pulse-able’, a month-long campaign by Eating Better, highlighting the benefits of beans, peas and lentils for our health, our pockets and our planet. Use tinned chickpeas, lentils and beans for a quick meal, or dried ones if you’re on a budget and able to soak them in advance. There’s so much possibility with pulses – see for yourself below!


Lentil and Chickpea Roast

This dish is ideal as the centrepiece of a roast dinner and makes a great allergy-friendly alternative to a nut roast. Pair it with plant-based gravy and roasted vegetables for a nutritionally complete, meat free meal!


Chickpea 'Tuna'

A tasty twist on a sandwich filling classic, this Chickpea ‘Tuna’ is quick to prepare and is filled with protein and fibre. Make a big batch and use it in pasta, on a jacket potato or in a wrap with salad.


Ultimate Veggie Chilli

A good chilli isn’t complete without kidney beans, and this one is full of them! Packed with vitamins and fibre, this chilli is healthy, satisfying and versatile. The flavours develop over time, so it’s perfect for batch cooking.


Spicy Black Bean Burgers

A delicious summer favourite, these Spicy Black Bean Burgers stay together even on a grill. Serve them up in burger buns with sauces and salads for a garden barbecue that everyone will enjoy!


Butter Chickpea Curry

Creamy, comforting and quick to make, this Butter Chickpea Curry will have your mouth watering! It’s our plant-based twist on an Indian takeaway classic – try it for a cheaper and healthier option.
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