Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Meat Free Monday marks 15 years with fun video

One-minute film highlights how easy and tasty it is to eat plant based on Mondays

Posted : 8 July 2024

To celebrate the campaign, and inspire even more people to give it a try, we’ve released a short video which highlights the fun of cooking meat free on a Monday. Featuring the track ‘Messed Up’ by Chenayder, which samples Paul McCartney’s ‘Coming Up’, ‘Meat Free Monday – Wouldn’t Miss It For The World’ showcases a vibrant array of plant-based dishes while emphasising the environmental benefits of reducing meat and dairy consumption.

Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney launched Meat Free Monday 15 years ago with the aim of creating a simple way for people to begin a journey to greener and healthier eating.

According to The Darwin Challenge free mobile app, each individual taking part in Meat Free Monday for one year saves around 789 bathtubs of water, 54 fish, 4 chickens, 609m2 of marine reserve, 3 tennis courts of forest plus the same amount of greenhouse gases as emitted by driving 434 miles.

With participation growing, Meat Free Monday has become a weekly moment which thousands of nurseries, schools, universities, businesses and individuals make their own.

Check out the recipes of the dishes featured in the film – Ultimate Veggie Chilli; Courgette Pasta with Lemon, Chilli and Garlic; Sticky Tomato Tofu Curry; and Banana Blossom F*sh.

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