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The Truffler

Byron Burger
  • Serves: 1
  • Preparation: 5
  • Cooking: 10
  • Ready: 15

Rich, juicy, decadent – The Truffler, from Byron Burger, is the ultimate dirty vegan burger!


  • 1 malted bun
  • 1 Beyond Meat patty (or plant-based patty)
  • squirt of American mustard
  • 1 leaf of bibb lettuce
  • a handful of roasted mushrooms
  • 1 slice of vegan cheese, topped with a few drops of truffle oil
  • a few pickled red onions
  • a handful crispy fried onions
  • vegan mayonnaise, mixed with a few drops truffle oil
  • (truffle oil)


On a toasted – but still squishy – malted bun, a squirt of American Mustard holds fresh Bibb lettuce leaf in place as it cushions a juicy Beyond Meat patty. Roasted mushrooms – all sliced and nice – peak out between the patty and a generous dollop of truffle ‘cheese’ fondue. Cue napkin. Pickled red onions are next; sitting amongst a ‘fondue’ fate, they bring texture and balance the rich truffle flavours, before a sprinkling of crispy onions add extra crunch and subtle smokey tones. To round it off, a touch of truffle ‘mayonnaise’ on the top bun completes the mix, holding everything together in a creamy embrace.

In other words, he’s rich, he’s juicy, he’s decadent. He is the ultimate dirty vegan burger.

Additonal notes

Recipe descriptor courtesy of Byron Burger

Since first opening its doors in High Street Kensington in 2007, Byron set out on a mission to break the beloved hamburger out of the territory of fast food chains. With the addition  of new award-winning vegan ice-lollies and vegan Truffler and Cali Cheese burgers, the new summer menu reflects Byron’s commitment to bring healthier and more sustainable alternatives to a market where there is a growing consciousness around food choices.

Facebook: Byron
Twitter: @ByronRestaurant
Instagram: @ByronHamburgers

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