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Calling all kids – showcase your perfect plant-based plate

Posted : 26 September 2021

This November, world leaders will come together at the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow with the opportunity to commit to measures to protect our planet.

Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that animal agriculture is having a detrimental environmental impact. In a nutshell: cows = methane = greenhouse gas = global warming!


But world leaders, up until now, have not made strong commitments to reducing meat and dairy production, or encouraged people to eat more plant-based food. And that’s where you can help! … Inspire those attending the COP26, and friends, family and neighbours, by showing them how easy and delicious it is to eat meat free!

The challenge

Think of your favourite meat free meal – one that you might eat on a Meat Free Monday – and send us a photo, picture, painting or video of it. Whether it’s a lovely lentil spag bol, a veg-packed spicy curry, tasty tofu tacos, or just a combination or your favourite foods on one plate – your planet-friendly dishes can help encourage others to get involved and make a difference.

Take a photo 📸

Cook up (or ask a parent/carer to cook up) a delicious dish and, just before you take a bite, get your camera out and take a snap.

Draw or paint a picture 🎨

Fancy yourself a bit of an artist? Then dream up your favourite meat free meal and send us a picture of how it would look.

or …

Record a video 📹

Make a short film of a vegan dish being prepared, or record yourself with the finished meal!

Whether you create a traditional meal, a family favourite or go for something more inventive, the important thing is to use the title to describe the dish and make it as enticing as possible, for example ‘Eat the Rainbow Veggie Skewers’, ‘Bean Burgers with Creamy Mash’, ‘Heavenly Harissa Falafel’, etc.

Once the entries are in, we will showcase your meals in a gallery on the Meat Free Monday website and combine as many as possible into a short, shareable video.

So get creative and let’s show world leaders, and everyone else, how eating delicious food – that’s kind to animals, people and planet – can all start with a simple Meat Free Monday!

The prize

Everyone from the UK who enters the challenge will receive a packet of chive or basil seeds to grow at home AND a Meat Free Monday fridge magnet! We may also share a select few entries on our website and social media to showcase your amazing MFM ideas!

P.S. It’s really important we have your address details to send the prize, so please make sure you provide all of the required details when submitting your entry!

Challenge reach

The challenge is open to children aged between 5 and 16 across the UK. MFM encourages participation from anyone aged 5-16 outside of the UK, however, they will not be eligible for a prize.

Closing date for entries

The challenge closes at midnight (GMT) on Sunday 17 October.

We can’t wait to see your creations!

Terms and conditions

Please read the Terms and conditions fully before entering.

Info for parents/carers/teachers – how to enter


Entries can be submitted by email to [email protected] with this accompanying single or multiple entry form. Please ensure that each file you attach includes the child’s name. e.g. Joe Bloggs.jpg.


Entries can be sent by post to Meat Free Monday, 1 Soho Square, London W1D 3BQ with this accompanying single or multiple entry form. Please ensure that each page you enclose includes the child’s name.


Entries can be sent via the forms below. Please ensure that each file you upload includes the child’s name.g. Joe Bloggs.jpg.

Multiple entries

If submitting multiple entries (e.g. for a class), please ensure you provide the school’s address so that prizes can be posted to the school.

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