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My life in meat free food – Paul McCartney

From bagels to barbecued burgers, Paul talks about his life in meat free food ...

Left image © Mary McCartney, centre image © MPL Communications Ltd, right image © Mary McCartney
Posted : 27 June 2021

Born in Liverpool in 1942, Paul McCartney was raised in the city and educated at the Liverpool Institute. Since writing his first song at 14, Paul’s output has been impossibly prolific and singularly influential crossing many different genres. In the 1960s, Paul changed the world forever with The Beatles before going on to continue to push boundaries and make music history with his group Wings and as a solo artist. An 18-time Grammy winner and recipient of The Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement and Trustees Awards, Paul was knighted by H.M. The Queen in 1996 for his services to music. Paul has also been recognised for decades of philanthropic activities and he founded the Meat Free Monday campaign in 2009 with his daughters Mary and Stella.

  1. What motivates you to eat meat free?

I have been a vegetarian for 40 years. I like the idea of saving animals, saving people’s health and saving this beautiful planet of ours.

  1. What items are always in your fridge?

Linda McCartney burgers and sausages, salad, veg and lots of other good food.

  1. It’s Meat Free Monday and you’ve got a friend coming round – what are you going to cook for them?

I like to BBQ Linda McCartney burgers with all the trimmings.

  1. What was the last thing you ate?

Bagel with marmite and hummus and salad

  1. If you had to choose only one country’s cuisine to eat forever, which would you choose?

Modern English

  1. Sweet or savoury?

Both, depending on the mood

  1. Pizza or pasta?


  1. Tofu or beans?


  1. Mild or spicy?

In the middle

  1. What advice would you give to people wanting to give meat free a try?

Try it… simply try it

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