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MFM Veganuary Challenge – Week 2

Two hearty autumnal dishes to warm up your Meat Free Monday

Posted : 28 October 2017

It’s week 2 … and there are two lovely recipes on offer!

Recipes are provided from our very own Meat Free Monday Cookbook, published by Kyle Books, and from Wicked Healthy (the brainchild of brothers Derek and Chad Sarno) for Veganuary.

First up, a hearty Whole Roasted Eggplant Parm-Eh-Ish

two eggplants with tomato and basil on top in a while dish

Image © Derek Sarno

Oven-baked eggplant, crunchy potato chips and nutty cauliflower come together to create a dish that will blow your mind and taste buds! It serves 2-4 people and is ready within 60-90 minutes.

Recipe courtesy of Wicked Healthy, for Veganuary

Get the recipe here

And next up we have …

A Spiced Wholewheat Couscous with Sweet Potato and Pistachios 

sweet potato and couscous on a purple dish

The nutty, nutritious, wholewheat couscous compliments the fragrant sweet potato beautifully in this North African-inspired dish from MFM co-founder Stella McCartney.

Recipe taken from The Meat Free Monday Cookbook.  Foreword by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney.  Published by Kyle Books.  Photography by Tara Fisher.

Get the recipe here

So, what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself, a friend, a family member or a colleague and enjoy!

Find more great-tasting recipes on the Veganuary and Wicked Healthy websites, and of course Meat Free Monday’s own recipe bank.


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