Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

16 winter warmers to help kick start Meat Free Monday

With the weather outside becoming colder, it’s time to heat things up in the kitchen!

Posted : 1 January 2022

It’s the start of the new year and resolutions are fully achievable! Whether you’re planning to have a plant-based Meat Free Monday each week, are going vegan this January or are just hoping to be a bit more planet conscious when it comes to your plate, we’ve got heaps of ideas to help keep you inspired!

Warm up with soups, stews, curries, and pies, and at the same time help fight climate change – it really is that simple! Check out our deliciously moreish winter warmer recipes below and if you have any plant-based recipes of your own that keep you warm over wintertime, then please share them in our recipe submission form at the bottom of the article – we would love to see them!


Chilli Pumpkin Soup by Mary McCartney

To kick off we’ve got a hearty soup from Meat Free Monday co-founder Mary McCartney. Combining pumpkin with a hint of chilli heat, this is soulful comfort food that will leave you with a satisfied, healthy and warm feeling on a cold night.


Olive and Sun-Dried Tomato Sausages by Rachel Demuth

Hearty meat free sausages – proof that you don’t need to eat ‘lightly’ to eat healthfully!


Miso Sweet Potato Pie with a Crispy Onion Crust by Veganuary

What more could you want on a cold day than this colourful winter warmer of sweet potato goodness?


Mushroom Beanballs in Tomato Sauce by Ainsley Harriott

Simple, comforting, and tasty – these Mushroom Beanballs are full of flavour and texture and are sure to please everyone.


Lasagne al Noci by Jonathan Petrides at allplants

A show stopping plant-powered lasagne which has the indulgence of a rich walnut ragu and creamy butternut squash béchamel – and packs a nutritious punch of goodness!


Sweet and Sour Pumpkin by Carluccio's

The natural sweetness of the pumpkin marries perfectly with the slight sourness of the vinegar in this lovely warming dish!


Bourguignon by The Gentle Gourmet Café

A meat free version of a traditional French dish from the Burgundy region, this rich, hearty Bourguignon uses seitan and is stylishly served in squash halves.


Roasted Vegetable and Chickpea Curry by COOK

Bursting with flavour and vegetable goodness, this delicious curry is a great introduction to cooking Indian food at home.


Beetroot and Radicchio Gratin by Anna Jones

A plate of incredible tones of deep pink and purple – lurid colours, but soft, sweet, warming and super-tasty flavours.


Aubergine and Tomato Bake by Linda McCartney with Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney

Layers of succulent aubergine and tangy Kalamata olive and tomato sauce, all topped with vegan mozzarella and crunchy pine nuts! Recipe taken from ‘Linda McCartney’s Family Kitchen’


Spicy Ramen with Tofu and Sesame by Nick Knowles

Suck your noodles up spaghetti-style and have a noisy, fun and tasty meal!


Mushroom Mapo Tofu by Meera Sodha

A well-loved Sichuanese dish, this Mushroom Mapo Tofu is made with meaty shiitake mushrooms, leek and broth, layered over with bright peppercorns and a magical sauce made of fermented black beans – the result is flavour amplified!


Irish Stew to Get Down You by Matt Pritchard

Bursting with flavour and Irish stout, this is the perfect hearty dish to warm you up.


Pumpkin, Chickpea and Coconut Curry by Jamie Oliver

This delicious meat free curry from Jamie Oliver is the perfect warming dish to enjoy with your mates.


Butternut Squash and Spinach Lasagne by Lucy Watson

This lasagne dish is creamy and delicious, and the squash gives it a slight sweet kick.


Modern Shepherd’s Pie by Mary McCartney

Last but most certainly not least, we leave you with another winter classic. Wholesome yummy things like beans and lentils are packed into a gravy-filled pie and topped with fluffy mashed potatoes. You’ll feel warm just reading the recipe! Taken from ‘Mary McCartney Serves It Up’ on Discovery Plus
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