Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Universities earn distinction by adopting Meat Free Monday

Meat Free Monday is graduating with honours from Oxford, with some of the university town’s most prestigious colleges going meat-free and the start of the week.

Posted : 8 February 2010

Having debated and held votes on whether to adopt the campaign, Jesus, Brasenose and New College are all now taking part in some way, with Trinity rumoured to be following suit in the near future.

Jesus College has voted to go “the full MFM” – completely meat-free – while a motion passed at the end of January means students eating at New College on Mondays will be deemed to be vegetarian unless they choose to opt out. Brasenose is having a Nearly Meat Free Monday, with two vegetarian options and one meat option. Magdalen College narrowly missed out on the opportunity to take part, with a vote of 13 to 9 against.

Ross Evans, junior common room president at Jesus College, said the arguments in favour were convincing, but not everyone agreed with the policy to begin with.

“Don’t get me wrong, there was still some opposition at the end, but reasoned discussion left little doubt which option we should take – and in the end the JCR voted pretty conclusively.”

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