Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Why Twitter is best for a #MeatFreeMonday

When it comes to promoting Meat Free Monday and getting the meat-reducing message across, social media has been revealed to be the most important tool.

Posted : 23 September 2013

Market research company Mintel calculates that nearly six in 10 online mentions of meat alternatives come via the social networking site – and that the #MeatFreeMonday and #MeatlessMonday hashtags play a huge role in that.

Of most concern to online consumers, according to Mintel’s recent report Meat Alternatives, is what goes into their food and how it gets to their plates.

“Among all meat alternative brands reviewed in [the] report, there’s a strong sense of commitment to healthful and cruelty-free living that helps in fostering strong online communities,” says social analyst Gabi Lieberman.

As well as recommending different meat alternative brands, social media followers also share their satisfaction with different companies’ offerings and share recips.

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