Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Take one small step for the planet with World Meat Free Day

Mondays don’t come more meat free than this. Not only is 15th June a Meat Free Monday, and our 6th anniversary, but it’s the very first World Meat Free Day!

Posted : 12 June 2015

Designed to raise awareness of the unsustainability of the meat and livestock industry around the globe, the not-for-profit initiative is asking people to pledge to go meat free for just one day.

Our very own Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney are backing the campaign. The MFM founders said: “World Meat Free Day highlights how skipping meat for just one day can have a positive impact on people and planet.

“We hope that participants will feel inspired to eat delicious, healthy food and consider having a break from meat on a regular basis – for example by being part of Meat Free Monday.”

The organisations behind the initiative – including the Eating Better Alliance, Compassion in World Farming, Quorn, Cauldron and York Festival of Ideas – point out that if 10 million people take up the challenge today, then it would save CO2 emissions, equivalent to more than 2,438 cars taking a road trip around the world.

The idea could not be more timely, given that by 2050 the world’s population will have crossed the 9 billion mark. If the population continues with the business of eating as usual then an extra 200m more tons of meat a year will be required, leading to a 77 per cent increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

MFMers already know the meat maths doesn’t stack up. That’s why we’ve been doing our best to lead by example for the past six years, educating people about the consequences our dietary choices are having on people and planet, and encouraging everyone to eat green.

Sue Dibb, of the Eating Better Alliance, points out that campaigns to encourage less meat eating – such as Meat Free Monday and now World Meat Free Day – are having an effect.

“Our research shows that 1 in 3 people are willing to consider eating less meat, with 1 in 5 already cutting back,” she said.

Joyce D’Silva, of Compassion in World Farming, added: “Eating too much meat is devastating for our health, the environment and causes suffering to animals. Pledging not to eat meat for a day is a simple, positive solution that we can all be a part of.”

If you’re a MFMer already, then this World Meat Free Day we urge you to encourage someone you know to take the plunge, and we look forward to seeing you, and maybe them, next Meat Free Monday!

Visit the World Meat Free Day website to pledge.

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