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Sustainability conference partners with Meat Free Monday

MFM has joined forces with edie for its newly meat free Sustainability Leaders Forum

Posted : 22 January 2018

A leading sustainable business brand is going meat free at one of its flagship events, partnering with Meat Free Monday in order to lead by example.

edie, the year-round information hub for energy, sustainability and resource efficiency professionals, will only be serving veggie meals to attendees of its annual Sustainability Leaders Forum, held on 24-25 January at the Business Design Centre in Islington, north London.

The Forum provides professionals with the information and insight into how they can make their businesses more sustainable, with advice on becoming more efficient in terms of resources and energy, so you’d expect something pretty special in terms of green eating. That responsibility falls to edie’s carbon-neutral caterer The Good Eating Company, which will offer delegates a variety of organic dishes, including Mushroom Stroganoff, Roasted Vegetable Ragu, Lentil Moussaka and Thai Green Curry.

MFM will be partnering with edie for the two-day event, providing more than 600 attendees with new ideas about how to make their own companies more environmentally friendly – not least by encouraging employees and colleagues to cut down on the amount of meat they eat; making a small change to their diets in order to effect a big change in the way we live.

edie’s events director Mark Baker explained that the brand is keen to “walk the sustainability walk” and lead by example for its audience. By supporting Meat Free Monday, Baker says edie is sending a signal that it understands one of the most significant issues affecting the planet today, in terms of harmful greenhouse gases, land use and water wastage.

“The Sustainability Leaders Forum is all about encouraging businesses to step up their efforts to tackle climate change and preserve natural resources, and edie must lead by example in this regard,” said Baker.

“We want all of our events to operate as environmentally and socially responsibly as possible, and by making our flagship conference completely meat free through this new partnership with Meat Free Monday, we have taken a positive step in the right direction.”

Baker also suggested that future edie events may also follow the meat free standard set by this one – something MFM would be delighted to see.


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