Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Ocado throws its support behind Meat Free Monday

We are delighted over at MFM HQ to announce that internet grocery retailer Ocado is supporting Meat Free Monday.

Posted : 6 April 2010

One of the UK’s most environmentally-conscious companies, Ocado won Green Retailer of the Year last year – making it the perfect partner in helping to persuade shoppers to rethink their eating habits.

Ocado uses low-emission vans and “closed-loop” recycling schemes (collecting, recycling and reusing grocery bags) and its already low carbon emissions will drop by a further 10 per cent this year as a result of its pledge to the 10:10 campaign, of which it is a founder member.

Co-founder Jason Gissing explains on the company’s brand new ‘Ocado way’ blog why Ocado is backing the MFM campaign.

“Concern for environmental issues has always gone right to the heart of the business, so when Meat Free Monday got in touch we listened,” he says. “We found out that, on a global scale, the meat industry generates nearly one fifth of man-made greenhouse gases. With one hectare of Amazon rainforest lost to meat ranchers every 18 seconds, eating less meat can help to slow the destruction of this ancient forest.”

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