Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

New Zealand launches its own Meat Free Monday

New Zealanders are celebrating the launch of their very own Meat Free Monday.

Posted : 7 August 2013

The campaign’s Facebook profile has been inundated with new supporters since the campaign began last week, suggesting a real appetite for change in a country where livestock production is a huge industry.

Fifty per cent of New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are produced by livestock, and the country’s diet is one of the most most-heavy on the planet per head of population.

As a result it consistently comes close to the top of world tables for colorectal and bowel cancers.

This was one reason for launching the campaign, according to Hannah Horton of MFM New Zealand.

“We’re a nation of farmers, and as such also a nation of big meat-eaters. Our production of meat and dairy – millions of pounds a year from millions of animals – takes a toll on our digestive and cardiovascular health, our land, rivers, oceans and climate, animal welfare and our wallets.”

While New Zealand already has several smaller meat-reducing campaigns in operation, MFM NZ will become the central hub and unite all efforts in a big to improve diet and the environment.

“Our mission is to excite and inspire all New Zealander’s to discover the magnificent world of vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds,” adds Horton. “With so many tasty Meat Free options, eating clean and green has never been more delicious.”

Visit the Meat Free Monday New Zealand website, or join them on Facebook

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