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New artistic company pays dividends for MFM

Sir Michael Lindsay-Hogg and Glauco Della Sciucca donate a portion of their firm's earnings and its first film, Humanism!, to Meat Free Monday

Posted : 9 April 2018

A new company set up by a former Beatles collaborator is to donate a portion of its income and proceeds from its first foray into cinema to Meat Free Monday. The film, Humanism!, will preview in central London this month and officially supports MFM.

Hoffman, Barney & Foscari Ltd (HBF) has been set up by artistic collaborators Sir Michael Lindsay-Hogg and Glauco Della Sciucca and others. Lindsay-Hogg is the eminent film, television and theatre director whose work includes the 1970 Beatles documentary Let It Be, about the band’s recording of their final studio album, while Della Sciucca is a writer, director, designer and illustrator. The company’s creative output looks set to be as diverse as that of its co-founders, with a remit to create artistic projects in a range of media, from the small and big screen to theatre, TV, literature and design.

The two men have been consistent supporters of MFM through their ventures together: in 2016, they donated 5 per cent of the proceeds of their London art exhibition, State of Minds, to the campaign. And they plan to continue in the same generous vein with HBF: 2 per cent of the company’s international income will be donated to MFM for three years, not to mention 5 per cent of whatever is earned by Humanism! over the course of its life.

The surreal comedy, written and directed by Della Sciucca and presented by Lindsay-Hogg, touches on ethical issues including meat eating and the harm done to the environment by the livestock industry. Shot in black and white, and starring Vikings star Huw Parmenter, it is described as “a film of true ethical virtues in line with the collaboration with Meat Free Monday” and will preview at the Prince Charles cinema, in Leicester Square, on April 18.

“The growing need for an active contribution to the protection of the world and its ecosystem is the question of questions, and no one can exclude himself or herself from the debate,” said Della Sciucca. “In this sense, the values disclosed by Meat Free Monday are beyond time and fashion – themes that belong to everyone – and HBF is aimed precisely at all of them. To change the world. Indeed, to save it.”

If you’re planning to head along, the film will start at 4.30pm, followed by a discussion at 6.15pm. Once you’ve enjoyed the production – and effectively made a donation to MFM – watch out for HBF’s next projects: a theatrical work, another film and, intriguingly, an abstract porcelain cup!

Watch the Humanism! trailer 


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