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A message from Paul McCartney: Less meat = Less heat

As the climate conference in Paris moves into the middle of its second week, Meat Free Monday founder Paul McCartney has sent a message urging people to understand the importance of meat reduction.

Posted : 9 December 2015

Hey gang,

As you may know, the climate conference (COP21) is taking place in Paris at the moment and I’m very keen for them to understand the importance of a meat-reduced diet. This is because the livestock industry is responsible for a massive percentage of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. You may also know that we have a campaign called Meat Free Monday which encourages people to eat less meat. Please check out our Meat Free Monday website and, if you like the idea, tell your friends about it. Together we can all make a difference.



Paul recently filmed a short video for Meat Free Monday urging people to keep in mind the environmental benefits of meat reduction and take up the idea. Watch the video by clicking here.

And if you happen to be in Paris today, there are a couple of events taking place you may be interested in:


‘Less heat = Less meat’
Global Meat Free Monday movement
9 Dec | 15:00 – 18:30 | Nelson Mandela Auditorium, Climate Generations Area
COP21 Paris – Le Bourget Site
Featuring presentations from leading climate science experts and advocates from 15 countries including:
Jacques Boutault, Mayor of 2e Arrondissement Paris
Uffe Elbaek, Leader of Denmark’s Alternative Party
Anne Faber, Luxembourg Chef & Star of Anne’s Kitchen
Miki Haimovich, Israeli News Anchor & Global Advocate
Jacqui Sinclair, Jamaica’s Juicy Chef


‘Meat — The Big Omission from the Talks on Emissions’
Humane Society, Brighter Green, Chatham House
9 Dec | 15:00 – 16:30 | Observer Room 04
COP21 Paris – Le Bourget Site
Leading experts and government officials will discuss the climate impacts of meat and dairy consumption, public awareness, and potential policy and behaviour-change solutions. The focus will be on action post-Paris, as well as new research and work in Brazil, China, UK and the US.

Adverts about the COP21 'Less meat = Less heat' events


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