Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

MFM takes meat-reducing message to City law firm

Meat Free Monday took its message into the heart of the City of London yesterday, setting up shop in one of the capital’s biggest law firms to spread the meat-reducing message.

Posted : 12 June 2012

MFM was invited along to promote the campaign as part of the firm’s work to highlight World Environment Day.

The staff restaurant caters to approximately 2,500 people and one of the food counters was given over entirely to Meat Free Monday options, with leaflets available for employees to learn all about the health and environmental impacts of consuming too much meat.

The response from staff members was overwhelmingly positive, the consensus being that a drive to cut back on our dependence on animal products made a great deal of sense.

The MFM team were asked plenty of questions about the campaign and in particular The Meat Free Monday Cookbook, which many new recruits were interested in buying with a view to incorporating MFM into their weekly routines.

“For us, offering the option of Meat Free Monday makes absolute sense,” said a spokesperson from the staff restaurant. “We have around 2,500 staff, providing them with healthy and nutritious food options is hugely important to us; at the same we are doing something great for the environment. We hope that other companies in London will follow our lead.”

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