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Meat giant to sue Greenpeace over deforestation claims

The world’s biggest meat company is to sue Greenpeace over claims that it is still contributing to deforestation in the Amazon.

Posted : 11 June 2012

Brazilian giant JBS has taken exception to the environmental organisation’s most recent report, published last week, which asserts that cattle raised on cleared land are entering its supply chain.

JBS Scorecard: How the biggest meat company on the planet is still slaughtering the Amazon also accused Tesco of using JBS’s “tainted” products in its own-brand cans, causing the supermarket chain to stop sourcing tinned beef from the company.

JBS says the claims are false and misleading and says it will use “all available legal channels to repair material damage caused to the image of the company through the disclosure of this incorrect information”.

Greenpeace claims to have found “numerous new cases of JBS purchasing cattle directly and indirectly from farms involved in illegal deforestation, invasion of protected areas and indigenous lands, and also using slave labour”.

The organisation has removed the report from its website after JBS took out a legal injunction, but says it is standing by the original conclusions of the report, which took 18 months to research and compile.

It argues that JBS has failed to meet commitments it made in 2009 not to buy cattle from farms linked to deforestation in the Amazon when it purchased animals from five farms accused Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources of felling trees to create pastureland.

Read Greenpeace’s comment on why it is standing by the findings of its JBS Scorecard report.

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