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Mary McCartney’s cookbook Food launches in the US

From internationally-acclaimed photographer, and Meat Free Monday co-founder, Mary McCartney comes a gorgeous and comprehensive new vegetarian cookbook of fresh and simple family meals. Just published in the States, Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking combines Mary's photographic expertise and artistry with her lifelong love of vegetarian cooking. The daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney, Mary grew up eating delicious, uncomplicated food in one of the world’s best-known vegetarian families. As she writes in the introduction, “Growing up in a vegetarian family and having Mum at the helm in the kitchen, encouraging us all to muck in, was the best education I could have asked for.” The result is a vegetarian cookbook that is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach, and will entice vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

Posted : 25 April 2013

FOOD starts with “Breakfast and Brunch,” where Mary shows that vegetarian dishes – from fluffy Breakfast Pancakes to her family recipe for the tomato-stuffed Deep-Filled Omelette – can make for irresistible comfort food. Her satisfying “Snacks and Sandwiches” and “Soups, Salads and Starters” prove that even simple meatless dishes can warm the soul, with personal favorites like the Hummous, Avocado, and Chili Jam Sandwich, nutritious Hearty Quinoa and White Bean Soup, and vibrant and lovely Easy-Peasy Soup. “Mains” reflect the influence from Mary’s mother’s American tradition and her father’s English comfort food, ranging from Cheesy Quiche, to Mexican-inspired Black Bean, Sweet Corn and Feta Tacos, to the comforting English classic, vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie. “Desserts and Baking” includes sweet family recipes like eldest son Arty’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Linda’s Lemon Drizzle Cake, and Paul’s favorite Coconut Rice Pudding with Chocolate Sauce.

Part photo essay and part memoir, FOOD is a cookbook born of a love of meat-free cooking and happy times in the kitchen with family and friends. “There was nothing boring about food when I grew up,” Mary writes, “and now I just want to share some of this passion in the hope that you’ll find vegetarian food as enticing, varied and delicious as I have done all these years.”

Food is published in hardcover by Sterling Epicure priced $29.95.

Check out a video of Mary talking about the cookbook.

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