Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

#MakeAMovieVeggie trends for hours

On Monday 21 February, Meat Free Monday launched #MakeAMovieVeggie … and the response was huge!

Posted : 26 February 2017

With the Oscars approaching, MFM put out a challenge to raise awareness of Meat Free Monday (and the wealth of veggie foods available). To put it simply … make a movie veggie!

With over 5,000 mentions, the #MakeAMovieVeggie hashtag trended for hours across the UK – leading to the #MeatFreeMonday hashtag trending too.  We love the creative ideas that people came up with …

The Sound of Muesli, Die Chard, Ice Sage, Manchester By The Pea, Citizen Kale, Bean Streets, Corn of the Dead, High Prune, Meatless in Seattle, Olive and Let Die, The Postman Always Brings Rice, Nuts on a Scandal, Cranberry vs. Cranberry, Planet of the Grapes, Leek Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Soy Story, Yambo, Quantum of Salsa, The Chives of Others, Apocachips Now, You’ve Got Kale, The Unbearable Lightness of Beans, Onion the Waterfront, The Temp-eh, Erin Broccolivich, The Wizard of Cos, Carrot on a Hot Tin Roof, Pulse Fiction, Give My Regards to Broad Bean, Enter the Dragon Fruit, Cool Hand Leek, The Hot Chickpea, Creature From The Black Legume, Greens Card, Beauty and the Beets, Last Mango in Paris, The Turnipator, Full Metal Jacket Potato, Grainspotting, The Nutroast Professor, Fava Of The Bride, Salem’s Shallot, Scotch Bonnet and Clyde, Grape Expectations, Shaun of the Bread, You Only Live Rice, Natural Corn Killers, Notting Dill, Bean Streets, Once Upon A Thyme in The West, Beetman vs Souperman, The Seven Samurice, Crouching Tiger Nut, Hidden Dragon Fruit, The King’s Peach, Fennel Bueller’s Day Off, The Bridge Over the River Pie, Bean Hur, Conan the Rhubarbarian, Mash Gordon, One Flew Over the Couscous Nest, Cherry Maguire, Thyme Bandits, The Grape Escape, A Streetcar Named Desiree, Mango Unchained, Carrot on Camping, Onion Majesty’s Secret Service, The Pear Witch Project, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Mushrooms, The Godfava, The Kite Runner Bean, The Samphire Strikes Back, Re-Turnip of the Jedi, The Quorn Identity, To Marrow Never Dies, Kumquat of Solace, Colander Girls, Romesco Holiday, Saladdin, Fifty Shades of Grain, Watercress Down, Beetroothoven, Black Dhal-ia, Uncle Buckwheat, Despicable Pea, Once Upon a Thyme in the West, Mock Duck Soup, The Grape Gatsby, Men in Blackberries, Who Framed Roger Raddish?, I Yam Legend, Under Sage, The Carroty Kid, Oh Brother, Where Ar-tichoke Thou?, Lady Chatterley’s Lovage , Zorba the Leek, Rebel Without a Cos, Pirates of the Carob Bean, Shallot Grave, Back to the Fruiture, A Mushroom with a View

And our very favourite?  Well it has to be … Dial M for Meat Free Monday!

Enjoy The Oscars everyone.


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