Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Hear the meat free music!

Grab a song, artist or band and give them a punny #veggie twist with #MeatFreeMusic

Posted : 21 February 2018

At Meat Free Monday, plants are our thing! We love lettuce, adore apples and enjoy edamame. We consume cauliflower and tuck into tofu! Mondays are a fresh, positive start to the week. But we’re also big music fans. So with The Brit Awards tonight, we have the perfect challenge.

Let It Bean, Eight Days a Leek, From Me Tofu, Tina Turnip, Radiobread, The Pear Pear Pears

You get the idea … Think music, prepare a pun and join in using the hashtag #MeatFreeMusic. We’ll publish our favourites soon!


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