Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Foodback: Vickie Schall

Vickie used Meat Free Monday as a gentle way to encourage her family to start eating more healthily

Posted : 25 June 2021

Vickie Schall lives in the USA, in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. She had been trying to get her family to consume less meat, telling her husband Gary for years that meat, especially red meat, isn’t healthy. Vickie discovered Meat Free Monday through an article online and signed up to get more information. She decided that, if she could get her family on board, starting with just one day a week, it wouldn’t be such a drastic change to make all at once. The family have been supporting the campaign for around 7-10 years now …

What meals do you have on a typical Meat Free Monday?

“Our typical Meat Free Monday meals vary with the changing seasons. Vegetable soups with grilled cheese sandwiches, any variety of pasta with tomato sauce and a garden salad and pizza.”

Any recommendations for eating out?

“Check out menus of local restaurants online to see what type of vegetarian foods they offer. Or ask family and friends for recommendations.”

What resources (cookbooks/social media pages/websites) have you found useful?

Vegetarian Times magazine or any other vegetarian lifestyle magazines. The Meat Free Monday website, of course. And I have almost all of Linda’s cookbooks and one of Mary’s. Occasionally, the magazines that come with Sunday newspapers feature vegetarian recipes.”

Any tips for others considering Meat Free Monday?

“Take it a step at a time. Experiment with recipes, substitute ingredients to your taste. Discover what you and your family like and ease into it.”

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