Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Supporter story: Constanza Daffonchio

Constanza, 24, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She works in the Press Office of the Ministry of Argentinian Agriculture. She also plays the guitar and sings in bars in the city, having recently recorded her first demo.

Posted : 15 December 2014

When did you start Meat Free Monday?
I started Meat Free Monday three/four months ago and feel very glad to contribute to this cause which helps the environment and helps my body as well.

Where did you hear about the campaign?
I heard about the campaign on the internet, and saw the video with the beautiful song composed by Paul. So I learned the song and I played it for my friends to try to convince them to do the same. THEY LOVED THE IDEA.

What motivated you to support Meat Free Monday?
As human beings we have the responsibility to take care of other creatures and we must protect our environment. We only have one planet.

What’s your favourite meat free dish?
My favorite free meat dish is a salad with potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, onions, rocket and cheese. And I also love eating free meat burgers made of soya beans! I prepare them myself.

How have you found eating out? Are there any places near you which offer good meat free options on Mondays?
Yes, I have a lot of options near my house, and close to my work too, like vegetarian sandwiches, vegetarian salads, pastas, vegetarian pizzas, pies, etc.

How have friends, family and colleagues responded to you doing Meat Free Monday?
In my house, when I was a kid, we never consumed very much meat. When my friends visit, they are very pleased to eat vegetables, etc.

What resources (cookbooks/guides/websites) have you found useful?
My aunt is a chef! So I ask her how to make new recipes with fruit and vegetables.

Do you have any tips for people considering Meat Free Monday?
They should do it because your entire body and soul feels good when you don’t eat that much meat. Your skin looks better, your nails, your hair, etc. We don’t have to eat that much meat, we don’t need that much.

If you could sum up your Meat Free Monday experience so far in one sentence, what would it be?
Meat Free Monday, free your body.

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