Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Finnair passengers miss out on MFM but gain meat-free menu

Finland’s biggest airline has announced that it will introduce vegetarian meals to its economy class flights from next month, after it asked for suggestions on how it could improve its service.

Posted : 1 October 2012


As we reported a year ago, national carrier Finnair and Helsinki Airport had been canvassing opinions on ways to “develop the customer experience” – and MFM was high on the list.

While the “quality hunters” employed by the airline fed back to their bosses a growing appetite for tasty and healthy vegetarian meals, it seems it wasn’t enough to persuade them to go the whole MFM.

But quality-hunter Sanjoo Malhotra said the many people who had suggested Meat Free Monday were instrumental in the change, with ideas for a range of dishes that will include chickpea and tomato salad with basil and grilled vegetarian pizza.

While flights leaving the country on a Monday won’t quite match the culinary standards of Sweden’s Malmö Aviation – the first airline in the world to join the MFM campaign – at least the choice has improved for the growing number of people who are eating less meat.

With the cost of meat rising as a result of high grain prices across the world, however, it may well be that Finnair and other airlines see the wisdom of the cheaper, healthier option in future.

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