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10 plant-based school lunchbox ideas

Check out some easy ways to win the lunchbox game and get your kids to be the envy of their peers!

Posted : 5 September 2023

Tired of the same old packed lunch routine? Welcome to a world of vibrant, plant-powered flavours that will have your little ones eagerly reaching for their lunchboxes each day. We’ve mainly chosen options that can be made in bulk, to help avoid any last-minute sandwich prep before the school run. For picky as well as more adventurous eaters, these ideas will add a healthy and delicious twist to children’s lunches!


Chickpea 'Tuna'

An easy and quick replacement for tuna, this is the perfect sandwich filler which stores well for up to five days in the fridge. Add some cucumber or sweetcorn and you have a classic combination, fully plant based!
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Pesto Pasta Salad with Grilled Grape Tomatoes

Pesto pasta is a lunchtime favourite for a reason, and this version includes fresh rocket and tomatoes. If that’s not your child’s thing, sub in some veggies that you know they like!
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5-Ingredient Cheezy Potato Focaccia

Who doesn’t love focaccia? This Cheezy Potato Focaccia will have even the pickiest child grinning with delight when they discover it in their lunchbox!
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Bright Beet Hummus

This bright pink dip will be a hit with any Barbie fan, and your child will be the talk of the lunch table! Try cutting up carrots, cucumber and peppers for easy dipping tools.
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Sticky Tomato Tart

Delicious and simple, this is a nice way to get a healthier version of ‘pizza’ in your child’s lunchbox!
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Beetroot Sushi Rolls and Balls

A little more fiddly, but why not make some sushi with your kids at the weekend for their lunchboxes for the week?
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Chickpea and Chocolate Chip Cookies

A great way to get some delicious protein-packed chickpeas into your child’s lunchbox without them noticing!
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Homemade Protein Flapjacks

These tasty flapjacks are perfect for a lunchbox treat and they also make an excellent quick breakfast before school.
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