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Your World Meatless Lunch is served again

Global event to highlight impact of meat-eating and potential of people power held for second time

Posted : 28 November 2016

Diners across the planet will be tucking into a World Meatless Lunch today, as the event returns to raise awareness of the importance of cutting down on the amount of meat we eat, for the sake of people and planet. Never has a call to action tasted so good.

Under the slogan “Fight Climate Change, One Plate at a Time”, the lunch begins today at 11 am and runs until 3 pm, with the interactive table set out by environmental campaigners in the Philippines.

The country’s answer to Meat Free Monday, Luntiang Lunes, invited the world to the inaugural World Meatless Lunch in 2012. The project was set up by the man who established Luntiang Lunes, scientist Custer Deocaris, alongside  breastfeeding advocate Nona Andaya-Castillo, journalists Aries Espinosa and Tessa Salazar, and raw vegan chef Maria Sonia Astudillo.

As well as this global effort, Luntiang Lunes will be launching a new environmental prize for cooking today. The first Green Fork award for culinary students will be presented to Manila Tytana College, which teaches a module on vegetarian and vegetarian nutrition. The award is to be handed out every year to those who are cooking in a greener way today with tomorrow in mind.

As part of the World Meatless Lunch, Filipinos are being asked to post photographs of their meat free meals online as part of a competition to win a chance to enjoy today’s lunch with Luntiang Lunes and many of the organisers of the event, as well as special guests including environment secretary Regina Lopez.

And international diners everywhere are encouraged to document their own delicious meals, adding the hashtags #worldmeatlesslunch, #meatlesslunch or #meatlesslunchph to their snaps.

MFMers will already be enjoying their usual delicious meat free lunch today anyway, so why not share a picture of what’s on your plate? After all, the world is watching!

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