Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Want to save money? Cut out meat

Is Meat Free Monday saving you money? It should be, if the findings of a US website are anything to go by.

Posted : 28 October 2010

US finance platform LearnVest has made an attempt to calculate the cost of various diets, and proved that a vegan’s victuals are a fraction of the cost of a carnivore’s.

Taking hypothetical daily menus as a starting point, it has worked out that meat-eaters pay an average of $14.65 a day, pescatarians $12.70, vegetarians $12.45 and vegans $11.15.

Compared to the meat-based diet, vegans would save nearly $1,280 over the course of a year if the savings were consistent.

The sums were calculated using grocery store prices, and the site admits that this is just one sample menu “and therefore not completely indicative of any hard and fast truth”, but with meat becoming increasingly expensive, the findings chime with many people’s experiences.

More than that, they give lie to the stereotypical assumption that adopting a vegetarian or meat-reducing diet is an expensive business available only to the privileged few.

Read the article and see the full calculations here

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