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New campaign inspires men to be ‘vegcurious’

Eating Better teams up with marketing industry’s Do It Day initiative to launch ‘#vegcurious’ campaign aimed at younger men

Posted : 10 November 2016

The Eating Better Alliance, which MFM supports as a partner network, is today launching its ‘Are you #vegcurious?’ campaign in association with the Do It Day initiative, environmental charity Hubbub and the World Resources Institute.

Using fun and positive messages to talk about the health and environmental benefits of eating less meat – on Scottish TV, London’s Piccadilly Circus billboards, and in the Guardian – the campaign calls on men to explore their ‘vegcuriosity’ by trying out recipes and spreading the word.

Celebrated chef and Meat Free Monday supporter Bruno Loubet is backing the campaign. “Putting veg centre stage is my philosophy, so I am keen to support the #vegcurious campaign”, he said. “Eating more veg and less meat is not only a healthier, tastier way to live but also the most sustainable, so it’s win-win.”

The creative team behind the campaign drew on research by Hubbub and the University of Southampton that some men consider vegetarian food “less manly”. “[Vegcurious] is a great opportunity to showcase the wondrous world of vegetables, a world many young men may have dismissed as boring or simply ‘not for them’”, said Daniel Vennard, Director of WRI’s Better Buying Lab and an advisor to the #vegcurious campaign. “Changing the language around sustainable, plant-based foods is a powerful way to engage eaters of every persuasion.”

To find out more, visit and share via the hashtag #vegcurious.



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