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Tuck into first Climatarian Week

Annual event launched to promote eating with environment in mind

Posted : 3 July 2017

The first Climatarian Week starts today, a chance for the environmentally minded diner to extend their green-eating habits beyond a Meat Free Monday to encompass the whole seven days. The campaign is designed to highlight the connection between what we put on our plate and what is happening to our planet, and to show that changing our diets can help curb climate change.

Running July 3-9, Climatarian Week is also an opportunity for food-sellers and restaurants to slice, dice and spice their way towards a greener world, by serving up menus and meals that have a more positive impact on the planet.

Climatarians – those who eat with the climate in mind – can show their commitment this week by organising or taking part in a foodie event and letting the world know about it on social media, using the hashtag #ClimatarianWeek. You could host a green-dining evening, take meat free snacks into work for your colleagues or simply cook yourself the perfect meal for one, provided you use a recipe and ingredients with the least environmental impact. That means buying local and seasonal, and more importantly, reducing or cutting out the meat.

And lest you think that you adopting a climate-friendly diet will do little to help in the global scheme of things – which, as a committed MFMer, you already know isn’t the case – the campaign organisers, Climates Network, reveal that Britons can save the equivalent of a ton of carbon dioxide a year by enjoying climatarian meals. That’s roughly the same amount as you’d save by getting the average driver to leave their car in the garage for six months of the year.

Climates Network director Biba Hartigan, the founder of Climatarian Week, said, “The climatarian community is growing every day as people realise that shifting their diets can make such a difference. Simply by avoiding beef and lamb in everyday meals saves a massive tonne of emissions. And you can save more by eating less meat, choosing seasonal, local organic produce and avoiding food waste. Some diners will be pleasantly surprised to find they are already pretty climatarian. Others will be surprised at how easy it is to eat a climate-friendly and healthy diet without really having to change your lifestyle.”

To pledge to go climatarian for the week, watch an animation about climatarianism or find out more information about the campaign, visit


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