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Restaurant constructs London out of vegetables

Nothing if not versatile when it comes to vegetables, tibits restaurant has been recreating London out of cauliflowers, carrots and courgettes.

Posted : 23 September 2013

The meat-free chain has been making vege-scapes of all the European cities where it has branches, including Zurich, Basel and Bern.

The YouTube video below shows how artistic staff in tibits’ home country of Switzerland went about creating their “Illuminated Vegetable Skylines”, using computers, cameras, carving knives and chopping boards… and lots of fruit and veg.

And tapping into the ultimate in green – or possibly yellow – energy, the LEDs lighting up the cities were powered using lemons as electrical batteries.

The restaurant chain was looking for a way to highlight its commitment to and skill with fresh produce, and used 71 different vegetables, fruits, legumes and herbs.

The intricate details of the shoot took five weeks to organise, and two to three days each to build and photograph each “city”, working alongside advertising agency Wirz and photographers Schaub Stierli.

“The idea as well as the look of those cityscapes encompass the spirit of tibits beautifully and goes straight to the heart of what tibits is about,” said the team. “We are very proud of the results.”

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