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Salmonella outbreak in turkey meat leads to massive US recall

One person has died and almost 80 people have been taken ill following an outbreak of salmonella in US turkey meat. Food giant Cargill recalled 36 million pounds of turkey mince from its Arkansas plant last week, one of the largest recalls in history.

Posted : 8 August 2011

The US Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention said the antibiotic-resistant Heidelberg strain of salmonella was responsible for the outbreak.

Steve Willardsen, president of Cargill’s turkey wing, said in a statement that it was “regrettable” that so many people had fallen ill as a result of its products. “For anyone who did, we are truly sorry,” he said.

Some of products containing the contaminated turkey mince were marketed under the Honeysuckle White brand. Mince produced at Cargill’s Arkansas plant since late February has been recalled.

Salmonella is present in 10-15 per cent of ground turkey products, according to US data, more than three-quarters of which are antibiotic-resistant strains.

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