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New Facebook game aims to increase knowledge of solar energy

How clued up are you about solar power? A new Facebook game is helping Americans find out. Created by US solar energy provider SunPower, Solar Discovery is one of many online campaigns aimed at increasing environmental awareness.

Posted : 4 July 2011

By answering trivia questions about renewable energy, players earn “solar panel” points that put them in the running for some great prizes – and learn a lot more about solar power along the way.

The more you learn, the more points you win and the more likely you are to win the top prize: a solar power system worth $25,000. This can be added to the winner’s home or gifted to a family member, friend or community building such as a school.

There are regular draws to win more than 60 smaller prizes, including video cameras, gift cards and gig tickets .

“Badges” can also be won and posted on to players’ Facebook walls.

Launched last month, the game and competition run until 14 September.

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