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The MFM Veganuary Challenge – Week 10

Merry meat free Christmas everyone – here are two festive feasts to dish up this holiday season.

Posted : 21 December 2017

As it’s Christmas and Week 10 … lets wrap it up with these two show stoppers

Recipes are provided from Rachel Demuth, for Meat Free Monday and from Wicked Healthy (the brainchild of brothers Derek and Chad Sarno) for Veganuary.

Miso-Glazed Eggplant with Spicy Chickpeas and Ninja Nuts

Image © Derek Sarno

This easy and simple dish is exploding with fiery flavour and vibrant colour. It serves 4 and is ready in 45 minutes.

Recipe courtesy of Wicked Healthy, for Veganuary

Get the recipe here.

And next up we have …

Festive Filo Rotolo

 This delicious festive rotolo makes a great centre piece, perfect served with roasted heritage carrots. This dish is ready in over 2 hours and serves 8 people.

Recipe courtesy of Rachel Demuth, for Meat Free Monday. Find more of Rachel’s recipes here on her blog.

Get the recipe here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the last ten weeks of recipes.

If you’re looking to take your meat-reducing to the next level, why not actually try Veganuary? It’s a brilliant way to discover a whole new world of taste and flavour and enjoy a healthy start to the year, while also having a kinder impact on the planet!

So, what are you waiting for? Challenge yourself, a friend, a family member or a colleague and enjoy!

Find more great-tasting recipes on the Veganuary and Wicked Healthy websites, and of course Meat Free Monday’s own recipe bank. Happy Holidays!

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