Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

MFM gets pats on back from Mail columnist Parker Bowles

Meat Free Monday has received a semi-royal seal of approval from Daily Mail columnist Tom Parker Bowles.

Posted : 18 January 2010

Parker Bowles, son of the Duchess of Cornwall, who writes on food, has used his most recent column to sing the praises of reduced-meat lifestyles, and singled out the MFM campaign for praise.

After a liftime denigrating vegetarians, he writes, “I wince at the memory of my boorish antics” and pronounces himself “intrigued” by MFM: “There’s no doubting the plain common sense of the message.”

Offering up baked beans, boiled egg and soldiers, macaroni cheese and the food of India as examples of “exciting and inspiring” vegetarian cuisine, he rounds up by recommending Linda McCartney‘s World of Vegetarian Cooking (“an excellent tome”) and Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book (“a bible”) before signing off with the line, “Meat Free Monday is something to really savour”.

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