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MFM invited to speak at the World Preservation Foundation Conference

Meat Free Monday has been invited to speak at the World Preservation Foundation “Leaders Preserving Our Future: Pace and Priorities on Climate Change” conference, being held at the Houses of Parliament on November 3rd.

Posted : 2 November 2010

The World Preservation Foundation assimilates and presents the latest scientific research on climate change and considers sustainable solutions to the threats our planet is facing. This forum on global warming strategy will bring together parliamentarians, senior civil servants, ambassadors, environmental scientists and media commentators. The event is intended as a timely debate over priorities and realistic goals ahead of the 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Mexico which will begin just weeks after this event. Environmental challenges across the spectrum will be addressed with the agenda focusing on:

  • The accelerated rate of climate change as evidenced by glacier melt
  • Is enough attention being paid to non CO2 causes of climate change? The impact of other more potent greenhouse gases will be considered.
  • What action can be taken to protect biodiversity and food and water security?
  • How can further temperature rises be halted quickly in order to avoid irreversible tipping points?
  • Mitigating the environmental impact of farming and food production.
  • What opportunities are there to combine economic growth with environmental stewardship?

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Edgar Hertwich, Dr Ester van der Voet and Pavan Sukhdev (UN Environment Programme)
  • John Topping (President and CEO of the Climate Institute, Washington DC)
  • Dr David Vaughan (British Antarctic Survey)
  • Lisa Bloom (Legal Consultant, CBS News)
  • Jens Holm (Member of the Swedish Parliament)
  • Anthony Kleanthous (Sustainability Consultant and Senior Policy Adviser WWF UK)
  • Dr Michael Gregor (Humane Society)
  • Tracey Louise Ward, The Marchioness of Worcester (former actress and environmental campaigner)
  • Pat Thomas, Scientific Advisor, Meat Free Monday

The conference will be streamed live on the Meat Free Monday website. Watch and Join in by clicking here

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