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Louis Hotels joins Meat Free Monday

One of Europe’s largest hotel and cruise line companies has joined Meat Free Monday.

Posted : 26 June 2013

Louis Hotels operates 19 four and five-star hotels in Greece and Cyprus, as well as five cruise ships.

In a bid to tackle climate change and other environmental challenges, the company recently adapted its sustainability policy to include Meat Free Monday/Meatless Monday.

In a statement, it said its intention was to “educate our guests about the impacts of their food choices on the environment”, promising to “reinvent and re-enforce our vegetarian options so that those who wish to adopt the Meatless Monday campaign during their stay, will be able to do so in a creative, tasty and stomach-filling way”.

It added that it would measure its consumption of meat “from this pointon, so that in one year’s time we will be able to tell you what we have achieved together.”

The company follows in the footsteps of other hotels that have seen the sense in helping guests reduce their meat consumption.

The Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm joined MFM in 2011, serving only meat-free meals on a Monday. There was also the suggestion that its entire parent chain Nordic Choice Hospitality Group would follow suit at some point.

The Silver Cloud Hotel in Seattle also supports the campaign.

Read Louis Hotels’ full sustainability policy

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