Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Jason Schwartzman narrates new meat-free short

A new short film narrated by actor Jason Schwartzman aims to make people more aware of the health and environmental effects of eating too much meat.

Posted : 3 May 2011

The Rushmore star has recorded the voiceover for What to Eat, a four-minute film created by Farm Sanctuary, a US organisation campaigning for an end to factory farming.

The film follows a character during the course of his day and details his growing concern as he learns more about the food he is eating.

From bacon and eggs for breakfast, a steady stream of facts and figures – with contributions from eventually convinces him that industrial farming techniques are destroying the planet and people’s health, and he ends the day with a meat-free meal.

“The devastation inflicted on our environment by factory farms is something we all have the power to stop by doing something as simple as ordering a veggie burger instead of a meat one,” says Schwartzman. “Please join me in taking the pledge to go meat-free for a day, a month or longer. It’s a lot easier than you think, and let’s be real: all burgers taste the same with ketchup.”

Farm Sanctuary advocates veganism but says on its website: “All decisions we make every day about what we eat can make a huge difference. Going vegan may be a big step, but simply lessening our meat consumption still goes a long way. If we all pledged to eat meat-free meals throughout the week, we’d not only be healthier individuals but our planet would benefit too.”

Watch What to Eat

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