Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Gouda City Council adopts Meat Free Monday

Dutch city of Gouda shows that helping to create a sustainable world doesn't have to be hard

Posted : 3 July 2017

In the South Holland city of Gouda, well known for it’s Gouda cheese, council employees and restaurant staff are getting on board with the Meat Free Monday campaign today, to reduce the city’s ecological footprint and set an example to its 70,000 residents.

While the 250 vegetarian lunches served each Monday might not save the world, the aim is to change people’s attitudes regarding the environment, health and animal welfare.

City councilor Hilde Niezen launched the initiative with activist and Gouda resident Paul Smit, who has championed the Meat Free Monday cause for many years.  “Meat Free Monday is a positive campaign which focuses on the benefits of meat reduction,” said Smit. “I hope this will inspire more local governments to get on board. Together we can have a huge impact on the global environment”.

The council also received a message of support from MFM founder Paul McCartney: “Congratulations to Gouda for getting on board with Meat Free Monday! Thanks for realising that having a weekly veggie day is a fun and easy way to help protect the planet from climate change. Happy meat free eating!”


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