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Four in ten Britons not eating three square meals a day

A survey of 2,000 people conducted by the vegetarian restaurant tibits has found that four in 10 Britons are not eating three square meals a day.

Posted : 4 March 2013

A fifth of people admitted to drinking heavily on a Friday and Saturday night, and a quarter of those to overloading on carbohydrate-heavy fried food to help them through the morning after.

Most who took part in the survey also admitted to not eating their recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day – despite the fact that it has never been easier to do, according to tibits CEO Reto Frei.

“While many Brits are health-conscious, it tends to be their busy lifestyles which get in the way of a more balanced diet,” he says. “In many cases people aren’t deliberately opting for less wholesome food choices, but simply lack the ability to forward-plan. It is often easier to pick up a snack on the way from A to B than sit down and have a proper meal. But it is still possible to be healthy on the run, and not all snacks are bad for you.”

While the average person eats only two eggs a week, a fifth of adults never eat eggs. A fifth also admitted to adding salt to their plate of food without tasting it first.

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