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FoodCycle promotes 'Meals that Matter’

UK charity FoodCycle has launched a cooking campaign, encouraging people to come together for ‘Meals that Matter’.

Posted : 28 November 2013

FoodCycle combines volunteers, surplus food and spare kitchen spaces to create nutritious meat-free meals for people at risk from food poverty and social isolation. With 15 volunteer-powered community projects across the UK, the charity reclaims food from retailers that would otherwise be wasted and uses this food to cook healthy and delicious meals for those in need.

All food reclaimed by FoodCycle is meat free because the practical and legal hurdles involved in obtaining and serving meat and fish are substantial and, more importantly, because FoodCycle wants its meals to be as healthy and nutritious as possible. FoodCycle also hopes to demonstrate that meat-free food can be just as (if not more!) delicious than meals with meat and fish.

With ‘Meals that Matter’, participants cook up a tasty feast and invite their friends, family, colleagues or neighbours over for dinner. Guests then donate to FoodCycle to assist the charity to continue reducing waste and helping those affected by food poverty.

Menus should be created with seasonal ingredients which need using up (no waste) – FoodCycle offers a tool-kit full of meat-free recipes to all participants.

“Every day across the country, our amazing volunteers are creating tasty, nutritious three-course meals, served to vulnerable people in the community at risk of food poverty and social isolation,” said FoodCycle Communications Officer Steven Hawkes. “By hosting a ‘Meals that Matter’ event, people can make a real difference: raising the vital funds to help FoodCycle serve more meals whilst enjoying a great meal with friends!”

For more information about FoodCycle or to sign up to ‘Meals that Matter’, click here.


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