Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Come fly with Meat Free Monday!

A Swedish airline has become the first in the world to join the Meat Free Monday campaign.

Posted : 24 October 2011

Malmo Aviation has introduced MFM meals on all flights departing on a Monday in a bid to cut its carbon emissions and raise environmental awareness.

“It is not our intention to reverse all our customers to orthodox vegans,” said the airline’s environmental manager Ann-Sofie Horlin. “But while we still want to offer something delicious onboard, we also get our passengers to reflect and hopefully open the taste of those who think that vegetarian food is difficult, strange and tasteless. If we at the same time can do something good for the planet it simply can’t go wrong.”

The Swedes are leading the way in the meat-reduction stakes at the moment. Earlier in the month Stockholm’s Nordic Light became the first hotel in the world to go completely meat-free on a Monday.

As well as its exemplary culinary standards, Malmo Aviation is also introducing more fuel-efficient and less noisy aircraft in a bid to cut its carbon emissions by 30 per cent over the next five years.

The company calculates that its meat-free flights will save 35 tonnes of carbon annually and more than five tonnes of meat, which is what 65 Swedes would eat in a year.

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