Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

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One-minute film highlights the excitement of cooking with children and enjoying vegetable-centred Mondays

Posted : 14 January 2018

With healthier lifestyle New Year’s resolutions still in the air, and school routines kicking back in, we’ve released a short commercial highlighting the fun of cooking with children, and focusing the raw enthusiasm that comes with this onto cooking healthily and meat free.

Preparing food with children is an amazing experience – you never quite know the outcome, it’s almost always a mess, and it can genuinely reignite a love of cooking in adults. Created by award-winning independent production company Archer’s Mark, the film plays on these emotions, and uses a happy, light-hearted, fast-paced approach to inspire adults and children alike to get involved with Meat Free Monday.

The film’s action centres on children, building a beautiful tapestry of fun moments in the kitchen. From light-saber celery fights and sticky hands mixing up bean burgers, to a girl meticulously laying out asparagus into a pie dish and a boy showing his grandmother how to use a spiraliser, the film shows how Meat Free Mondays are simple, enjoyable and can be the most exciting meal time of the week. The montage builds to create an overall picture of chaotic meal preparation in different households, leading up to four different delicious vegetarian meals being served.

Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney said, “We love the way Archer’s Mark has captured the excitement of Meat Free Monday as well as the variety of colours and flavours. Meat Free Monday is simple and fun, so why not get the kids involved?”

Director Lorrin Braddick said, “For environmental reasons I’d recently made a decision to cook more vegetarian food, so Meat Free Monday really appealed to me. Bring on the bean burgers!”

Cooking veggie food with children makes sense; it’s healthy, there are fewer hygiene issues than cooking with meat, it’s a great way to interest kids in trying different foods and there’s a huge environmental benefit.

Check out the recipes of the dishes featured in the film – Black Bean, Carrot and Sweetcorn Burgers, Courgetti with Tomato Sauce, Roasted Butternut Squash and Asparagus Tart

Watch the film, share and enjoy some meat free cooking!


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