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Of all the threats facing our oceans – from pollution from shipping to agricultural run-off and fishmeal production – one stands out as the worst.

Posted : 24 August 2012

Overfishing is the target of the fascinating and disturbing film Sea the Truth, which looks at the “economic monster on the run”: our insatiable appetite for fish.

Two Dutch marine biologists – Marianne van Mierlo and Barbara von Genne – look into the health of the world’s biggest ecosystems, travelling to places as far afield as the Azores, the North Sea and Newfoundland to put together a picture of ailing seas.

Leading scientists give their thoughts on the world’s relentless pursuit of fish, and how consumers and the commercial fisheries sector are emptying oceans across the world of life. If current practices continue, by the year 2048 there will be nothing left to catch, according to the film-makers.

Meat Free Monday is giving away 10 copies of Sea the Truth.

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