Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

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“To all those thinking of supporting Meat Free Monday, just try it! Having at least one plant-based day a week is a fun and easy way to do something good for the planet and our future”
– Paul McCartney

Quick tips

Swap in a plant milk in your morning cuppa

Swap in a plant milk in your morning cuppa

Have a Meat Free Monday potluck with friends

Have a Meat Free Monday potluck with friends

Replace mince with veggie mince in your Spag Bol

Replace mince with veggie mince in your Spag Bol

Eat a rainbow!

Fresh tomatoes, bright orange carrots, yellow peppers, green curly kale, juicy blueberries, crunchy red cabbage and purple beetroot will add a variety of vitamins and minerals to your diet!

Make seasonal veg the star of meat free meals!

There are so many vegetables at their best right now so why not make good use of them on Meat Free Mondays? From cauliflower to cabbage, pumpkins to parsnips – these ingredients can be used to make tasty and satisfying meals!

Sushi lovers don’t have to go without!

Japanese cuisine features plenty of meat- and fish-free dishes, ranging from vegetable tempura and tofu steaks to edamame (salted soya beans) and veggie sushi.
Beetroot Sushi Rolls and Balls

Don’t mock it!

Check out the wide variety of ‘mock’ meat alternatives available including veggie ‘mince’, ‘chicken’ nuggets, ‘ham’ and ‘turkey’ slices, roast ‘beef’, vegan ‘steaks’, veggie ‘haggis’, fishless fingers and much more!

Craving something marine?

Packed with vitamins and minerals, seaweed is a staple in Asian cuisine, and popular varieties include nori, kelp and hijiki. You can buy seaweed dried, fresh and frozen – delicious, nutritious and a flavour of the sea!
Seaweed Paella

Sample some spelt!

Cut down on food miles by eating more crops that are grown in your home country. For UK residents, spelt is a "green" grain! Spelt salad, spelt bread, spelt porridge, spelt risotto, even spelt crumble... spelt is versatile!

Cook up some cauliflower!

This lovely vegetable is nutritious, versatile and low in fat, so why not incorporate some cauliflower into your cuisine?
Cauliflower 3 Ways

Tips and tricks

Number 1: Have fun!
There’s never been a better time to start experimenting in the kitchen for Meat Free Monday. Share it with your friends, family and colleagues and enjoy the meat free ride.



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Fry up a quick snack

Thought of buying tofu but not sure what to do with it? For a quick and tasty spicy snack, mix 1-2 teaspoons of chilli powder, 1-2 teaspoons cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon salt and 100 g polenta in a bowl. Cut some plain, firm tofu (400-500 g) into large cubes and dip them in the polenta mix to coat. Fry in olive oil until golden.

Try the 'steak' of veggie burgers

Place a large Portobello mushroom in a dish and cut off the stem. Brush generously with olive oil and add crushed garlic, salt, pepper and basil. Leave to marinate for 10 minutes then grill each side for about 6 minutes until tender. Place in a burger bap topped with brown fried onions, shredded lettuce and slices of avocado and tomato. Bon appetite!

Try seitan

There are plenty of great meat free roasts on the market and it’s also easy to make your own. Seitan (a soft 'meaty' food made from vital wheat gluten) soaks up the flavours of accompanying seasoning and gravy so it’s perfect for the job! So get yourself a bag of this vegan staple (easy to find online) and get cooking – you’ll be amazed at the results!

All hail kale!

Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, kale is super tasty and contains more iron than beef! Try pouring a small amount of water into a saucepan (approx. 3 cm) and bring this to the boil. Put 400 g of washed and chopped kale in a colander and place this on top of the saucepan, covered. Steam the kale for 5-6 minutes. Meanwhile fry some chopped onions, garlic and ginger in olive oil. When the kale is ready, combine it with the onion mix, add a bit of sea salt and enjoy!


“I started getting into vegan food through Meat Free Monday. Everyone was doing Meat Free Monday and I wondered what it was all about. I genuinely started to feel better. Tuesday was a good day for me – I just used to wake up feeling really sprightly! I know everyone says it and it sounds really cliché but I do – I wake up in the morning and I feel good.”

— Miguel Barclay

“Organisations such as Meat Free Monday are absolutely crucial when it comes to combating the climate crisis. We’re big believers in encouraging people to take small steps towards a healthier plant-based diet, which we know can have a hugely positive impact on the environment.”

— Roxy and Ben, So Vegan

“Reducing our meat intake is such a great thing to do to preserve our planet and the animals we share it with.”

— Nile Rodgers

“Meat Free Monday is the most brilliant excuse to focus on the incredible variety of veggies out there – the flavours, textures and wonderful dishes you can create are beyond belief. So here’s to Meat Free Monday and frankly, meat free Wednesdays too.”

— Jamie Oliver

“We all want to do our bit to help preserve the planet for future generations and Meat Free Monday makes it so simple and easy to do that!”

— Emma Thompson

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Meat Free Monday

The easiest way to help save the world

Attempt to build your own wind turbine out of sticks you find in the garden? Start taking your daily baths in a local duck pond? Vow to never turn the heating on ever again? … Or just skip meat for a day.
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