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Our view of nature is a very romantic one—it’s very sort of pastoral. We engage with the romance of it as opposed to the reality of it. I’ve always felt this real sadness about our disconnect from nature, and to connect with it means hard truths because it’s got some brutality. I feel like we should connect and be part of it because we are part of it. So I thought: instead of the romance, what about the reality? Not like some of the real intensive reality, but just a consciousness, to show a consciousness. To connect with one animal.
– Andrea Arnold, interview with The Film Stage

Paul McCartney watched ‘Cow’ and recalled Linda McCartney’s song of the same name, released on the album Wide Prairie in 1998: “Another collaboration between Linda, Carla Lane and myself, which in this case deals with the last days of a cow under sentence of death. The sweet innocence of the song made many of our friends decide to ‘go veggie’.

Linda's Home Cooking

A short feature about cows presented by Linda McCartney, 1989

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