Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference


“As a tree planting organisation, any matter regarding CO2 is close to our hearts. On top of that, we value a family-like feeling – so eating our lunch together is a great moment to reflect on the core values of the company. Connecting the two – food and sustainability – is the perfect link, and really reflects our mission at Treedom.” was founded in 2010 by Federico Garcea and Tommaso Speroni after the two made a trip to Cameroon. There they saw the disastrous social, economic and environmental impacts of deforestation. The mission is simple: making the planet greener, helping farmers in the global south and creating long-lasting positive impact on social, environmental and economic levels. With the digital component of geo-data of the trees, photographs and regular updates, Treedom is the world’s first platform where you can remotely plant a tree and follow the story of the project online.


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