Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Tokyo Fine Foods

“We are very pleased to join the wonderful activity of Meat Free Monday to protect the global environment. Under the supervision of MFM All Japan, we have developed the world’s first vegan-friendly Bosai (disaster-relief) bread called ‘V-Aid Bread’, based on the belief that real disaster-relief is not only about preparing for a disaster or rescuing after a disaster, but also creating an environment that does not cause a disaster. We hope that this bread will be welcomed by people around the world as one of the symbolic actions of the Vege Aid movement, aiming at social contribution on a global scale.” – Kazuo Tomura

Kazuo Tomura is the Senior Managing Director of Tokyo Fine Foods Co. Ltd., founded in 1956. Tokyo Fine Foods is a manufacturer and distributor of disaster-relief foods, and has recently developed ‘V-Aid Bread’ – a “new age bread, friendly to people and the earth”. The company plans to continue developing new vegan foods while working to realise a sustainable society from the perspective of both the environment and human rights. (10% of ‘V-Aid bread’ profits is donated to charities.)

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