Meat Free Monday One day a week can make a world of difference

Ready Burger

“People’s eating habits are changing through choice and necessity. We love fast food but we don’t love the impact it brings – deforestation and the climate crisis, factory farming and animal cruelty. So, we decided to reinvent the everyday fast food concept to make it completely plant-based, affordable and sustainable. It almost goes without saying that we share core values with Meat Free Monday and therefore we fully support the campaign, because we too are here to bring plant-based eating to the masses.” – Max Miller, Ready Burger Co-Founder

Ready Burger serves a fully plant-based fast food menu at affordable prices, using high-quality ingredients to create meat free versions of universal favourites. They believe that fast food should taste great, be inclusive, inexpensive, and sustainable. A progressive sustainability approach is built into Ready Burger’s core and typically their plant-based beef alternative uses 70% less water to make than its beef burger counterpart. It also emits 92% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than beef and requires 93% less land to produce.

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